Dorsoduro district and its craft


Private Tour

Walking Tour


Dorsoduro is a district of life and light. This tour doesn't concern the busy city centre, but concentrates on the hidden alleys, canals and bridges. The best opportunity to enjoy everyday life of the city and meet traditional Venetian craftsmen: mask makers, furniture woodcarvers and guilders and the great corner of the gondola yard.

The tour includes:

  • Campo Santa Margherita (near to the University), one of the most beautiful campo (square) in  Venice, with many little shops and bars, perfect meeting point for locals and students.
  • Squero di San Trovaso, one of the last gondola yard in the city, to learn the history of the most traditional Venetian boat and then a rowlock maker worshop.
  •  Zattere, the preferred promenade by Venetians, alongside the Giudecca Canal, with the famous gelato shop Nico’s, perfect stop to try  ‘Gianduiotto’ or drink an espresso or cappuccino.
  • Salute Church, dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, from where you will enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world.

​* During this tour it is possible to visit the mask makers and papier-mâché atelier or the gondola yard (ask for prices and reservation)

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