The "real" Venice: Castello district


Private Tour

Walking Tour


During this tour it is possible to visit a workshop of handmade decorate paper (ask for prices and reservation)

Castello is the largest of Venice’s six districts and probably the most varied one. You can discover all the glamour of finest architecture and monuments, the music culture, the state shipyard and marvelous churches, as well as small hidden gems like the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, or a perfect combination of functional and historical buildings, like San Giovanni and Paolo hospital  and, over to the east side, the authentic neighborhood well off the tourist track.

The tour can include:

  • The Dominican Santi Giovanni e Paolo church , the main pantheon for Venice’s heros and doges.
  • The Scuola Grande di San Marco, a magnificent example of early Renaissance, one of the six major brotherhoods in Venice, now seat of the general hospital.
  • San Zaccaria church - beautiful Gothic-Renaissance church with a masterpiece by Giovanni Bellini, and a low-lying, usually flooded crypt.
  • San Giorgio dei Greci church, the centre of the oldest Greek Orthodox community in west Europe, to taste the cosmopolitan nature of the city.
  • Pietà  church with the nearby Ospizio, a kind of conservatory where young girls were taught to play and sing, with masters as Antonio Vivaldi.
  • San Giorgio degli Schiavoni - Carpaccio's paintings in this Scuola (confraternity)  are among the loveliest in Venice.
  • The Arsenale and surrounding area, the state shipyard where the famous Venetian galleys were built, that “stands behind his high wall and towers like a forbidden city within the city” 

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