Venice of the Merchants


Private Tour

Walking Tour


In this tour the history of Venice and the lively daily like of the market district intertwine. The tour includes: 

  • Corte del Milion, medieval courtyard where Marco Polo - the symbol of all the Venetian merchants- lived. Marco Polo travelled to China in 1271 and remained there for seventeen years, and on his return wrote a book (Il Milione, known in English as The Travels of Marco Polo), an account of his travels and his experiences. 
  • The Fondaco dei Tedeschi - the old seat of the Northern merchants - recently transformed into a modern shopping area. Wonderful roof terrace.
  • The Rialto market - once the beating heart of the old Republic economy and the "city" of the time, with its historical original structures now filled with the vitality of an up-to-date retail market. 
  • Campo San Polo, very elegant, surrounded by beautiful palaces, the largest Venetian square (or campo) and its surrounding area, in the past considered a a disreputable district around the market (known once as Castelletto). You'll walk through narrow and picturesque alleys, bridges and squares to discover the "hidden Venice".

During this walking tour, you will learn about the Venetian history, her original vocation for trading and her naval power.

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