The islands of the lagoon


Private Tour

Walking & Boat

3h or 4h

* Prices shown are up to 8 people. If you have less time and want to save money, you can book a 3 hour tour and visit just 2 islands

The Venetian lagoon is the largest lagoon in all Mediterranean and is dotted with dozens of islands: some are inhabited, some sparsely populated, while others are even disappearing. This private-boat tour is a journey to discover the origins of Venice and the main islands of the North lagoon: Murano, Burano  and Torcello.The lagoon boat tour is charming in all seasons, mysterious and suggestive in autumn and winter, bright and sparkling in spring and summer.

The water taxi is very comfortable and you can sit outside and inside.

The boat-tour can include:

  • Murano: So famous all over the world for its glass blowing, as well as the glass museum and the old church of San Donato which houses some fantastic mosaics. 
  • Burano: Cheerful and picturesque with small brightly coloured houses. A wonderful place to spend your time along the narrow streets looking for typical biscuits called "bussolà".
  • Torcello: The jewel of the Venetian lagoon, where one can admire the oldest church of the whole area, the basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, and the unique Byzantine mosaics found within. Santa Maria Assunta Basilica, the nearby Baptistry and the Romanesque church of Santa Fosca create the most impressive architectural complex among all the buildings in the lagoon area. 

Museums & Churches

Santa Maria Assunta at Torcello entrance fee: €5 (concessions €4)

* Prices might be subject to change. Please visit the official website(s).

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